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Welcome to the Marine Knowledge Exchange Network Database

This database was developed by the Marine Knowledge Exchange Network, in partnership with the Norfolk and Suffolk Coastal Network. Its development was in response to a need to increase awareness and access to the diverse range of "activity" (past and present) which can usefully influence and benefit coastal management decision making in the region. The database contains details and signposts to a wide variety of past or present activity. "Activity" includes traditional academic peer-reviewed research, as well as projects, case studies, technical reports, datasets and indeed any information deemed relevant to coastal management practitioners. The database supports a move towards more anticipatory and adaptive coastal management.

The Marine Knowledge Exchange Network is an established and growing network of over 1200 cross-sectoral marine stakeholders, with mutually beneficial aims: to increase capacity in stakeholder relevant marine and coastal research; to ensure marine and coastal research is delivering collaborative impact and application; to help realise the social, economic and environmental potential of our seas and oceans.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Coastal Network is a network of over 70 coastal management practitioners, representing more than 30 organisations. It brings together cross-sectoral expertise to use evidence-based decision making to inform long-term (c. 100 years) coastal policy and strategic management decisions on a regional level. Its purpose is to explore the means for established an assured coastal zone for East Anglia, in the face of rising sea-levels, coastal erosion and increased storm frequency.

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